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Optical/Wireless integration

Optical/Wireless integration is a new project I am investigating within the CONNECT research centre.

The project aims at fully integrating the Cloud Radio Access Network within the converged access/metro architecture through various technology, backhaul, fronthaul and midhaul (or split PHY processing).

We are currently carrying out the first integration tests of wireless links with our next generation multi-wavelength Long-Reach PON prototype developed in our lab, see [1],[2],[3] below for more information on the Long-Reach PON FPGA prototype.

[1] M. Ruffini, F. Slyne, C. Bluemm, N. Kitsuwan, S. McGettrick. Software Defined Networking for next generation converged metro-access networks. Elsevier Optical Fibre Technology special issue on Next Generation Access, Vol. 26, part A, December 2015.

[2] G. Talli, S. Porto, D. Carey, N. Brandonisio, A. Naughton, P. Ossieur, F. Slyne, S. McGettrick, C. Blum, M. Ruffini, D. Payne, R. Bonk, T. Pfeiffer, N. Parsons, P. Townsend. Demonstration of SDN Enabled Dynamically Reconfigurable High Capacity Optical Access for Converged Services. OFC, March 2016, post-deadline paper.

[3] S. McGettrick, F. Slyne, N. Kitsuwan, D.B. Payne, M. Ruffini. Experimental End-to-End Demonstration of Shared N:1 Dual Homed Protection in Long Reach PON and SDN-Controlled Core. Paper Tu2E.5, OFC, March 2015.


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